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Start saving money today with Narcup's prescription discount card for credit union members age 50 plus. However, it is also open to the general public. The program is for families, children and grandchildren who have no prescription drug insurance or whose insurance does not cover all their medications. Certain pet medications are also covered. You can print off a prescription card and use it immediately. You can request a durable card by mail. A nice feature of the program is that you can look up your medication price based on your zip code.

You can also compare prices at other pharmacies. Guests are encouraged to call their health-plan provider with any questions. The Target Prescription Savings Plan is no longer being offered. Walgreens Prescription Savings Club: Walmart Pharmacy Services: The woman at Costco Pharmacy recently Jan. Pharmacies are restricted to tell customers that if you do not use insurance but ask for the cheapest price, keep asking you want the lowest prices. She has saved a lot this way. Also can go online a and look up medicine company name to see if they have a discount program or free medication.

The gag order on pharmacies is no longer in place.

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President Trump recently signed a law making these gag orders illegal. Please add Choice Drug Card for your review. My wife has been a brittle Type 1 Diabetic for over 30 years. Her endocrinologist has always prescribed enough test strips for her to help her keep herself on track as much as possible. Recently we were told by CVS that they have a new agreement with Medicare that would only fill scripts for Type 1 Diabetes up to 3 test strips per day.

The Pharmacist at our local CVS explained this to us as she seemed very annoyed at this new procedure herself. They even recommended other Pharmacies who would fill our script without a problem. Hopefully their shortsightedness will cost them long term profits. Nasty and impatient customer service.

Each time I come in and talk to them on the phone I am met with impatient attitude and just horrible customer service. I used them because of the location convenience but to be honest using them is no convenience when you are treated so badly by customer service. Use someone who treats you right.

I have been trying to fulfill a necessary prescription for my seven year old son since Monday afternoon. My wife called in the Rx between 3: She stops off today after work today between 5: The prescription is not ready and they tell her it will be another hour. She calls CVS around 7: I wait until 8: I get there and wait in a line with four customers ahead of me.

I meet a guy behind the counter and he apologizes about the wait and being slammed, but says it will be another ten minutes. I am hesitant and give him the stink eye, but I say no more and browse the store. He tells me that he will make my prescription a top priority and will expedite me. I get bored of the store and pace around the prescription desk again. An older blonde female pharmacist asks if she can help me and I tell her my story thus far. She tells me that she can only give me 22 pills of the prescription because that's all they have.

One, she couldn't transfer it to another CVS since it was electronically sent to them from the doctor and two, we would miss eight pills because of the electronic prescription. She says sorry, that someone should have checked to see if there was enough for the prescription. The funny thing is that it was her and one other male employee that was running the pharmacy. Is she blaming herself? When she told me she couldn't fill it short of us losing eight pills, I saluted her and walked out.

Nothing but silence from the pharmacist upon walking out. I will never slide another dollar of my money across the clerk counter of this CVS. We are transferring this prescription in the morning. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. When I got home and opened the pharmacy bag, they had given a different pill from different mfg. I called and asked to bring them back and get my regular generic RX that is been taking almost 2 years. Started taking new brand, and have been losing my voice, sore throat, burning, feels like something lodged in my throat.

This medicine does not work! Called the pharmacy, asked them to replace. Contacted my insurance, and they are allowing a refill at Walgreens, and will pay for it. Never use CVS again.

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Plus they all of a sudden don't take prescription discount cards. Got home and took my medicine and it didn't work. Next day took the medicine three times like I'm supposed to every day and still no effect whatsoever from the medicine. I only went to CVS because my regular pharmacy was out. Never again! This is robbery! Little did I know, she was the pharmacist. So I explained we thought we had 1 more box, but realized we did not.

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We only had two vials left and was insufficient to cover the weekend until we can get doctor to call it in on Monday. I explained this to her and that I tried the doc's answering service and got nowhere. She then said, "Take her to the ER. After a few steps on my way out and turned around to ask her name and she was laughing with the other girl working. No empathy, NO professionalism and NO respect for a customer, adult, and 59 year old who could be her dad! I then in desperation called the answering service, pressed one, hmmmm. Just nodded her head no. So here I, am 91 year old without medication to get through the weekend.

I ask for a few vials and get humiliated by an overpaid inconsiderate, disrespectful kid. Walgreens here we come!

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I will only stay with a formal apology from her Actually changed my mind. Shame on you CVS. Walgreens it is! For about two years now I have had a script that I take daily that gets filled every three months. Since inception of this daily med I have had a multitude of issues trying to get CVS to get their act together with my medication. The following month it was late again so before they ran my insurance I got another script from my dr and picked it up in store, the following month I receive two 3 month supplies.

I just shook my head, what else can you do. Every month it is something. Message received. I hear nothing by 24th and down to 3 pills. Call dr, send it over, call CVS did you get it, no one knows anything except wait. I said I was looking for information regarding my script, is it ready, is it in your system, have you heard from the dr. She replies that it's not processed, I ask what that means, she says it's been in the system since the 22nd but not filled, did I want to fill it.

Taking a deep breath as to not ignite into a cannonball and let the person on the other end endure the ENTIRE two years of frustration, I say yes, yes I do want my script filled. Terrible, absolutely terrible and honestly if I was not bound to CVS by my companies script plan I would have bailed on them a year and a half ago. My health matters to me and being 4 days without my thyroid medication because CVS cannot get their act together enough to care about societies health is totally unacceptable!

If I were to behave for two weeks how they have consistently behaved for two years, I would have been fired. At least this time was only four days, I've been without my meds for two weeks before, chasing them to do their job, it's just plain wrong!!

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Over the last few months, CVS Pharmacy Website and store pickup has deteriorated from super-fast and accurate to super slow and inaccurate. Yesterday, during our second attempt to pick up the renewal, we waited in the store pickup line 30 minutes for a renewal that had been reordered two times because of inaccurate quantity and number of refills only to find the order again had the same errors.

Luckily, the clerk was able to correct the quantity error this time. Currently, we have a refill that the website is showing ready yesterday, but still "In Process". We sure miss the old super-fast and accurate CVS Pharmacy. I had to purchase a walker for my brother in law. He is a large man. Katherine was argumentative. I told her that was best for his size. She continued to tell me it was for bariatric people over lbs. And will not sell it to me. Finally I said it is for sale and he wants that one. She took it down from the shelf and demanded I listen to her. We purchased the unit even as she continued to be objective and rude.

Her attitude was and always is confrontational every time we have been in that store. After multiple attempts to call and holding for over 30 minutes l drove to store. While in line I hear phone constantly ringing, recording on their phone saying four calls waiting, five calls waiting, six calls waiting and then two calls waiting, four callers had hung up.

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This repeated two more times. I get waited on and they said my Rx had not been sent. I call my Drs. Try calling CVS that evening and again no answer. I drive to CVS again, phone still ringing nonstop. I get waited on and still no Rx. They say, "Come back tomorrow. She gives my name, and BINGO it had been there just misfiled, the pharmacist remembered seeing it in a basket. I waited 30 minutes while they finally filled it. I told the lady I got a text and she said it was a refill reminder from corporate. I am not a satisfied customer to say the least! Aetna my prescription plan uses preferred CVS.

I did just read that though they have right to refuse, they must consult with the prescribing dr before they can deny. NV State Law!!! Pharmacists were made aware This is not gonna get better. This might increase the amount for the needy. Was told "If you don't get all your prescriptions here we can't fill any of your prescriptions. They enjoy making every transaction overly complicated and inconvenient. My father's Dr. I now know that I will never walk into a CVS again. I been using CVS for about 8 years or more different states where I used to live and never had a problem until 1.

I been getting a prescription monthly for a weekly injections for 3 years now. Since I switched to this CVS it has always been a problem to get it refill, when the doctor send it they don't call or text, I always have to call so they can refilled, my last prescription was there for more than a week and I find out because my doctor call me to tell me they send it. I was about to go back and complaint but I been in bed since then with a terrible cold. I called to check on my daughter's prescription and the lady said "I'm not going to fill it". She said 1 this medication can't be cut in half and 2 the doctor isn't covered by her insurance She said it very hateful.

I just said okay but I can't get it off my mind how her tone was Been going in this store for about 6 years. Never once had a problem, not even a slight error in anything. Friendly staff that I actually have fun with and joke with when I'm in there. Not today. Went in there around hrs on 18th of Jan I asked him why he's got an attitude problem, he says "that's right. I do have an attitude problem, and you didn't even bother to ask me why. I went in there to purchase shampoo and a diet soda, that's it.